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Movable Glass Walls


DOUBLEPLAY Moveable Walls

The patented DOUBLEPLAY moveable wall allows a facility to offer its members two sports - squash & racquetball - without dedicating separate courts to each sport. The wall rests on custom-made urethane casters specially designed to roll easily over court surfaces. The wall is supported in the vertical position while in motion by expanding steel scissors-arms, eliminating the need for tracks in the side walls. This unique feature reduces installation costs and retains the integrity of the playing surface or floor.

Quick and Easy Conversion

Go from racquetball to squash in less than a minute!


Designed to Take a Hit


Impact Test

Only ½" tempered safety glass can meet the demands of high impact loads created when a player runs or falls against the wall. A Best Enterprises, Inc. never has, and never will substitute inferior grades of glass in any of its products.

No Track Design

The patented DOUBLEPLAY moveable wall system is the only moveable wall available without tracks of any kind. Whether tracks are installed in the walls or the floor, this creates an uneven playing surface that causes an unnatural deflection when hit by a ball. The DOUBLEPLAY moveable wall eliminates all areas of hinder by supporting the wall in the vertical position with expanding steel scissors arms. These arms retract when the wall is in the racquetball position and never come in contact with the side walls.

Support Brace

A patented feature of the DOUBLEPLAY moveable wall is the self-storing support brace. This brace is attached to the top-center of the moveable wall frame and to the header above the door. In the racquetball position, the brace collapses and is completely concealed inside the frame. As the wall moves forward, the brace articulates in the center, bending parallel with the floor and snaps into place when the wall reaches the squash position. This brace provides exceptional stability for squash players, unmatched by any other system.

Slide Bolt
For stability, the DOUBLEPLAY moveable wall utilizes slide bolts that anchor snugly into flush plates in the court floor and walls. A self-storing support brace provides additional support when the wall is in the squash position. This brace retracts automatically when the wall is moved into the racquetball position and is hidden from view inside the back wall header.

Cinch Hooks

The DOUBLEPLAY moveable wall uses adjustable cinch hooks to securely position the wall in the racquetball position and to align the court-side face of the glass with the finished court surface above.

Removable Tell-Tale
The DOUBLEPLAY removable telltale is a two-piece system that attaches to the front wall into flush mounted plates. The specially-designed hooks ensure that the telltale never falls off during play. The two piece design is easy to remove and store when not in use.

Flush Mount Trap Door

Existing racquetball courts can be converted to squash using the DOUBLEPLAY moveable wall even if it is impossible or cost prohibitive to remove a portion of the back wall. Our flush-mounted design installs inside the existing footprint and automatically latches tight against the back wall when pushed from the squash to racquetball position. To release the wall and move it back into the squash position the hooks are accessed through a trap door recessed flush into the glass.

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