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Design and Features

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Superior Hinge Design

Hinge Attaches to Fin & Adjacent Side Panel

The most critical element in structural glass wall design in high impact environments is the hinge. It is imperative that impact forces on the inside of the court be distributed through the stabilizing fin and into the concrete floor below. DOUBLEPLAY walls achieve this structural feature by anchoring the hinge to the door, adjacent sidelight panel and the fin.

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Wrap Around Design - No Door Sagging
Another common problem associated with structural glass walls, is door sagging. A 3-0" x 7-0" ½" tempered glass door weighs 136 lbs., and consequently puts tremendous force on the hinges. Until the advent of the DOUBLEPLAY patented "wrap-around" hinge design, other systems supported the weight of the door to the fin by passing a bolt through a hole in the fin and small nylon bushing on the opposite side. Over time, the soft nylon bushing compresses into the hole and the door begins to sag. The DOUBLEPLAY "wrap-around" hinge completely eliminates the possibility of door sagging by cutting a notch in the fin and passing one flange of the hinge behind the fin to the opposite side. The weight of the door rests against the entire surface of the flange, not a small nylon bushing.

Extruded Aluminum Manufacturing Process - Stronger than Polyurethane

Aluminum hardware provides superior strength characteristics. An independent testing laboratory compared the load capacity of the DOUBLEPLAY hinge to the most common polyurethane hinge available. The results were remarkable. The DOUBLEPLAY hinge tested 20% stronger. This ensures that hinges will not fail even under severe conditions. The glass is insulated from the aluminum hardware using clear polypropylene gaskets.

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Powder Coated White - High Contrast for Greater Visibility

Other manufactures typically use large black polyurethane hinges and attaching hardware. DOUBLEPLAY structural glass walls use white powder coated hardware. There is no tendency for the player to lose sight of the ball against a dark background. The white hardware creates a dramatic contrast with the ball. Other manufactures have attempted to make their polyurethane components white, but they turn yellow after only a few years due to the ultraviolet light inside a sports facility. The powder-coated surface of the DOUBLEPLAY hardware is impervious to ultraviolet radiation.

Vision Enhancement

No Kickback Hinge - No Finger Traps

The unique pivot location of the DOUBLEPLAY hinge eliminates the gap created between the edge of the door and the edge of the adjacent sidelight panel when using any other glass wall hinge. On other hinges, the pivot point is located within the plane of the door and consequently when the door opens, a 2" section of the door swings inward towards the hallway creating a dangerous gap. The pivot point on the DOUBLEPLAY hinge is in line with the edge of the door. When the door opens the edge remains close to the edge of the sidelight panel and no portion of the door swings inward towards the hallway.

Threaded Holes - Secures Glass To Support Component

The DOUBLEPLAY glass hardware is unique in that the holes through which the bolts pass are threaded. This feature is significant to both the strength of the system and to the installation process. Other systems rely solely on the bolt and nut to hold the glass in place. The DOUBLEPLAY system uses the strength of the entire component to secure the glass panels, doors and fins to its supporting hardware.

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